About Us

Passion. Safety. Simplicity.

Reef Haven is a locally owned Filipino dive center that has a quaint atmosphere which beautifully reflects the island’s lifestyle – a life that is pure and in sync with nature.

Our dedication to providing you with the best Puerto Galera diving experience is outweighed only by ensuring your safety and wellbeing. So, while our team of experienced PADI instructors takes great pride in showing you Puerto Galera’s coral reefs, our excellent customer service and flexibility ensure that you have comfortable and stress-free dives.

Our Vision

Because we are a locally owned dive center, we have a vested interest in ensuring that all of our guests head home only after they enjoy the best Puerto Galera diving experience! As we grow, we strive to become a bigger part of the global diving community; building our family through the gift of irreplaceable friendships and experiences. By gaining one’s training through our shop, we see our growing global family carrying forth our values of environmental preservation.

Our Mission

Reef Haven is more than just great diving, it’s about ensuring that our love and respect for the ocean is reflected in our day-to-day dive operations. Our mission is to train confident, capable and safety-conscious divers who take marine conservation to heart.

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