The Reef Haven dive school would love to send out a profound congratulations to Marjorie Lucero! She recently completed her dive master instruction with us and passed her final exam! Becoming a dive master is nothing short of amazing! It is a tremendous milestone for any lover of scuba diving. However, this case is extra special to us because she is our first dive master since our grand opening. Her journey to dive master begun innocently enough on her birthday of 2020. She walked into Reef Haven and simply inquired about scuba diving, ultimately deciding to give the discover scuba session a try. Just like that, she fell in love with the world beneath the waters and soon after dove into open water and then the advanced open water course. Dive after dive, she soaked up more and more of the world of scuba seeming to always want more. Her developing passion drove her to push even further beyond the typical advanced certification, achieving rescue diver.

Ultimately, she settled on the goal of becoming a dive master. However, her work kept her far Puerto Galera. This made her course even more challenging. Though, her outgoing and persistent nature pushed her to commute regularly to Muelle port, never letting anything hinder her from achieving her goal. Her dive master course required many hours and certainly a lot of physical and mental dedication to master the requisite skills and knowledge, all of which she did with conviction. She has been nothing short of an inspiration to her fellow divers and is a testament to the power of will and dedication towards one’s own dreams. Again, congratulations Marjorie on your successful completion of your dive master training course and thank you choosing Reef Haven dive school to guide you on your journey! Welcome to the family!

Some words from Marjorie

DM Journey “A Bucket List turned into Passion” It just started with a wonder of what would it feel to try scuba diving. It was November 27, 2020 that I finally entered the world underwater. On that day, supposedly 1 dive turned into 2. I could not get over the experience of breathing underwater for almost 1hr! Aside from that, I felt like I was in a different world or universe and I couldn’t think of any negative thoughts. It really took away my stress and from that experience, I’ve decided to avail the certification starting from the Open Water course. It was during the Advance Open Water course that I felt the desire to do it professionally. It was December 2021 that I started the Dive Master course right after the Rescue course. I did it every weekend since I had work during weekdays. I still remember what I felt when my instructor handed over the DM bag full of learning books. I was so excited but at the same time, I’ve felt already exhausted with all the reading that I had to complete. I was so excited to guide someone underwater especially the first timers because I want them to experience and feel what I felt during my DSD, but I am so nervous also the same time. I will never forget my 1st time doing the DSD briefing, I was stuttering, was so sweaty and almost had a mental block. Fortunately, my 1st DSD to have a briefing with is one of my close friends who had been wanting to try scuba for a long time. My journey through the DM course was full of hard work and that includes performing the swimming skills in very cold and almost stormy weather (we couldn’t skip a session since I was only doing it every weekend. We took advantage of the fact that the company I work for was still in a work from home set up. So, even if the weather was not so good, we still had to do it). I also had to earn qualifying points to pass the skills which I had tried many times before I was able to hit the target score. Hard work also included carrying compressed air tanks that need to be refilled and carrying my own equipment with a tank from dive shop going to the boat. But, I am so thankful in that activity coz I have now a better body figure than before. There are so many exciting activities/skills that I want to tell in this blog ,but I’m afraid that I’ll take the whole website if I do. My journey also consists of self-doubt. There are times that I couldn’t do the skills even if I gave all of my concentration. I thought that this was not for me, but my ever diligent instructor motivated me and never gave up on me. Thinking of why I started it helped me a lot to get back on track and finish what I started. Taking care of someone underwater has given me self fulfillment during my training and it’s the best feeling ever. After 5 months of training, I finally finish the course with passing grade in the final exam. The hardest requirement for me to fulfill is the mapping project since I am really not good in drawing. My turtle drawings look like a bouy. Overall, my journey has been amazing and I got to meet many wonderful people. The diving industry is so astonishing both in land and underwater. Now, being a Dive Master I got to do what I love and earn at the same time. If I have to describe my DM journey in 2 (two) words, it would be: SELF FULFILLMENT. Thank you so much Julienne Evangelista as a diligent instructor! You’re the best! I would like also to thank the people and friends who have been with me throughout my journey, Jhe’ai, Tikya, Gina, the whole staff of Reef Haven and special thanks to DM Kuya Taks who gave me tips and techniques. “To breathe underwater is one of the most fascinating and peculiar sensations imaginable” -Tec Clark

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